Why SEO – Explained

SEO is a technique that helps search engines find and rank a certain website higher than the other websites available on the internet. The definition of SEO basically answers the question, “Why SEO?” Even if you’re the largest or the smallest website on the internet, you really need the help of Search Engine Optimization, or more commonly known as SEO.

Optimizing your website is a need since there are now millions of websites on the internet today. It’s like a huge internet encyclopedia without table of contents that can help users find what they’re looking for.

Search engines attempted to organize all of the information on the web and make it searchable and significant for users. Back in the days, web authors can just simply add “keywords” to their meta data to let the SEs know what keywords they wanted their website to be associated with. But as time goes by, people abused it and started putting all kinds of keywords in their meta data even if it has nothing to do with their website.

In this present time, websites should rely on SEO techniques for them to get noticed in this growing industry of internet business. And because SEO is ultimately the most effective way to achieve higher rankings in the search engines, it is very important to know and understand the difference between a website and an optimized website, and be aware of the basic SEO building blocks that can be used to prepare a site to be read and judged by the growing number of SEs.

If you have a website that is not optimized even though it displays perfectly on the web, search engines will still ignore it. They need to see certain optimization that is placed perfectly before they can include it in their database. Some basic optimization you can do for your site is 1) add meta tags such as keywords, title, description, etc., 2) use on-page optimization, and 3) put external link-building activities so it can boost its relevance and popularity. If your website is optimized it will have the elements stated earlier which can help the SEs understand what your site is all about.

It’s only right to say that without SEO or if you fail to optimize your website, it wouldn’t be read and indexed properly and will get a very minimal chance that it will show up in a search engine’s results page. So, take time and effort to optimize your website with well-research keywords, on-page optimization and link building activities because the SEs will pay more attention to you than the sites that don’t have any SEO components – That’s why SEO is needed badly in every website we have right now.

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Building SEO Credibility With Backlinks

Websites certainly want to be at the top of search engine results pages. SEO building can be done on site by having good content and the proper keywords. SEO experts claim, however, that backlinks are a major factor that search engines consider when ranking websites in their results pages, taking into account the credibility, relevance and volume of inbound links.

Backlinks come as two-way or one-way. Two-way backlinks are reciprocal links where the concerned websites can interchangeably send and receive links to and from each other. One-way links are inbound links from other websites to your website, which you cannot reciprocate. A one-way inbound link is what matters to search engines.

How can one-way backlinks be received by your website? The most effective way of receiving backlinks is the submission of well-written articles with keyword-rich contents that are relevant to your product, business or advocacy to reputable article directories. At the end of every article, a space called a footer is provided where the author can place his profile or short biography. The footer is a very important part of the article because it is here where the keyword link, the website link and/or the URL should be indicated. There is no room for mistakes, even spelling typos, as the backlinks may never reach your website.

Once you have submitted your article to a good article directory and it is accepted and published, you have hurdled the first part of the test. You now have one good source of backlinks that will lead readers to your website, increase traffic and hopefully conversion. It is, thus, vital that your article is informative enough and interestingly written so that your readers will read through until they reach the links. Otherwise, if they don’t see anything new or relevant and they get bored, they may just click away.

Getting articles published in article directories is not a miracle that can help build strong credibility. More good article submissions will be needed to get more clicks on your backlinks to your website.

There are new SEO companies offering faster ways of writing articles for building SEO and optimizing backlinks like spinning articles on autopilot. But doesn’t writing on autopilot and claiming to be the author of that article give a semblance of plagiarism? Or wouldn’t it be better to name the author as Mr. Autopilot?

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SEO Tip: Using PAD Files For Link Building

SEO link building is important, and one way to build links to your site is to submit to PAD enabled software directories or freeware download sites. Finding these sites is not a problem since there are hundreds of them that can be found in the internet.

When you submit to a PAD site you are submitting a software package for listing, which is not like when you are submitting to a traditional web directory. For the usual web directories you submit your website’s contents together with a link and an anchor text, for users to be able to link back to you.

A PAD file is a software where you put all information in a standardized format, and which software developers submit to the various freeware and share where directories in the internet. It contains information about the file sites, the download URL, relevant keywords and other data about your site which normally web developers fill out when they submit to the usual web directories.

And for better SEO, a quick tip is to make sure to update listings and information shown on the front page of the software download site since it gets the more exposure. This can give better optimization when links can make its way back to your site via links you get from the download site, also.

And a quick tip also is when you submit, you have to make sure that your software release date in the PAD file is actually the date of actual submission. If you have submission dates the same as release date you will have more chances of having exposure on the front page.

When you create a PAD file that uses your site as the URL for information about your download and you submit this PAD file to the shareware and freeware directories, you will have already the available links. The directories will then create a page that lists all the information in your PAD file together with a link, which is your site’s URL that you have furnished.

In any SEO campaign, building links is very useful, but is also very tedious to do that any web marketer will do any link building strategy that they may find useful. This PAD file submission strategy may be a great SEO building technique that can generate links for you.

And to make the links more valued by the search engines you have to make sure that the links generated from the download have relevance to contents in the niche site. Having your PAD files flooded with quality contents containing relevant keywords in the list, you will be able to boost the quality of all the links you will generate from this method.

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4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Hire an SEO Expert

Businesses of all sizes are often faced with the dilemma of hiring a professional SEO service provider, or trying to learn best practice of SEO themselves. Below are several reasons why it’s probably best to leave search engine optimization to the professionals.

1. Professional SEOs are very familiar with the tools they use to analyze websites. Choosing the proper keywords for your market is arguably the most important aspect of SEO. After all, if you invest in reaching a top position on Google for a weak keyword, do you really achieve anything?

2. Professional SEOs have been there, and done that. While learning SEO for the first time can take you months or even years to properly analyze a website, professional SEOs can more efficiently analyze your website’s potential and suggest intelligent strategies. Professional SEOs know what it takes to get a site in tip-top shape for its Google Debut, or restructure an existing page to be more search engine friendly.

3.The faster you get top rankings, the better. Think of your rank like retirement. If you start saving for retirement at forty, you’re not going to get out as much as you would if you started saving at twenty. Just as interest builds off of interest in retirement account, SEO builds off of SEO on your website. Which website do you think will be better off?

Website A) Takes their time learning the fundamentals of SEO and a few advanced skills. Within a year they have optimized their pages to the best of their abilities.

Website B) Hires an SEO firm and gets in the top 10 for their desired keywords in a month or two. With the increased exposure on Google, Website B’s client base is steadily growing and more people start talking about Website B’s products on forums and blogs. Google takes notice of all the inbound links pointing to Website B and raiser its rank further. As Website B’s rank improves, more and more people see their products and more and more people are talking about them. The cycle continues.

Just like with a retirement account, the more principal you start out with (in this case, initial exposure), the more you’ll benefit in the long-run.

4. Don’t risk being black-listed. Often times, people get discouraged with their website’s rankings and try to take the quick road to success. Don’t be tempted. Trying to artificially fuel your website’s advancement in the SERPs (search engine results pages) can cost your business dearly. It is unknown whether or not Google holds a grudge, but who wants to find out? Using shady techniques is referred to as black hat SEO. Examples of black hat SEO are: keyword stuffing, invisible text, doorway pages, and spamming. Professional SEOs know the importance of staying clear of black hat techniques and will build your rank naturally and adhere to important policies. If you try to handle SEO on your own, you might be accidentally participating in black hat SEO without even realizing it.

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We Need to Talk About Link Building

Link building is one of the most important steps of SEO. Building a viable network of links allows a person to project his website in the right places and get more traffic. Moreover, good links allow a firm to improve the rankings of their website and get it to the first page of Google search results.

However, link building is not an easy process and one needs to be very careful as the wrong steps can lead to disaster. None of the webmasters want to get on the bad books of Google as the results are catastrophic and the site may plunge down to nowhere if violations are detected.

10 sure shot ways of killing your SEO:

You must have come across many articles that talk about the ways to build safe and viable links, but today we will talk about ways that you need to avoid as using them will lead to SEO suicide. The methods have been collated from the reports of a prominent SEO Services Company and also by some providers of digital marketing services.

Spun Articles: It was a very tried and tested method but the latest algorithms find the loophole and penalize the sites for doing this. Spun articles are basically the same article written countless times wherein it stops making sense. Such articles are bad faith for the company and building links using these articles is considered spamming and penalized by Google.

Spamming on Comments: This method is a sure shot attempt to kill your site. Commenting on related sites, blogs and forums is a good way to connect with people. However, people resort to software that comments automatically on blogs and leaves a link back to the website. Using such methods is spam and Google does not deal lightly with such issues.

Paid Links: Even though paid links are nothing wrong, they must be done in the correct manner. Getting paid links just to pass the PageRank is wrong and Google wants you to add a rel=’Nofollow” to your links while you use the paid links.

Links from other language sites: Getting more links from other language sites adds a red flag and you can be penalized for that. However, if the link coming is from a high quality site, then you should do just fine.

Link from hacked and porn sites: Links coming from hacked sites is a big NO. Also, unless you’re related to the adult entertainment industry, getting links from porn sites will never help you either. So make sure that you avoid these sites in order to save the reputation of your website.

Low quality directories: There are many article and blog directories that exist on the web. Most of them are low quality and does not offer any leverage whatsoever. Thus, you should stay clear from such tactics and keep your site safe.

Non Specific Links: These links are the ones that you get from the sites not related to your niche. Such links are considered bad by Google and should be avoided.

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Choosing The Right SEO Link Building Service

Outsourcing a company’s work to smaller companies like offshore freelancers or a full brown SEO Link building company is a common affair. Most people don’t have the time while some prefer to get the work done by professionals who are an expert at their respective fields. SEO services are required to be availed of when chasing back links becomes a tedious task. The process of generating back links for a website is often quite time consuming and takes several days or even months. In such cases a link building company can be approached for offloading the work. Many SEO link building companies have domestic freelancers working for them.

Their services mostly include a wide range of SEO packages. Other services include article submission, directory submissions, following or blog commenting, press release submissions and many more. A good and organized link building company will offer you a good mixture of SEO service.

Choosing the right SEO company is an important task. For making the right decision, you can always start with the simplest step of looking up and doing some research on the internet. When short listing SEO companies, always check for reviews and opinions of other people about that company; tracking its business footprints will help you make the choice more easily. These basic factors are useful in choosing reliable and reputable SEO backlinks services. The person to whom you decide to outsource the company work should have knowledge about the related field rather than choosing a firm with no experience. Business footsteps can be easily tracked from social media profiles like Twitter, Facebook, My Space etc. These are additional ways apart from regular methods of tracking through testimonials and client reviews.

Many SEO services are meant to be client focused. In such cases, the clients usually have positive reviews about the company or firm concerned. This does not necessarily mean that a particular firm is good in general or well suited for your work that is going to be offloaded. Therefore, always make sure you do a good amount of research before opting for the right SEO company.

The importance of choosing the right SEO company lies in the fact that the quality of work and service that they provide will in the long run determine to some extent the reputation and goodwill of your company. Hence, choosing the right SEO link building service is so important. Look up to the suitable SEO Company to lead your business in the right direction. It must also be remembered that proper link building helps not only in the popularity of your website but helps generate more and more revenue if kept according to market trends. Thus the SEO Company taking up the task should ensure quality service in order to keep up the website standards and in turn affect the link building process.

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10 Off Page SEO Factors For High Google Rankings

Everyone has the same goal with their website or blog, and that’s to gain better Google rankings. The problem is, not everyone knows how to go about getting this done, and even the people who think they know, often don’t. There is a great deal of conflicting information out there and blackhat strategies that could end up creating more issues for your site than anything else.

What the majority of people are familiar with already to some extent or another is on page SEO. Specifically, most people are familiar with the concept of using keywords in order to help boost their Google rankings. However, the other side of the coin is all about the SEO work that you do OFF site. This is collectively referred to as off page SEO, and in today’s world of online marketing it’s safe to say it’s even more powerful than any on page SEO methods.

Below are 10 of the most important factors when it comes to off-page SEO and increasing your Google rankings. By following this advice and incorporating these strategies into your own SEO strategy, you will be giving yourself the best opportunity to soar up the search engine rankings.

1. Backlinks – The long story short is that the more backlinks (one way links to your site) tha you have leading to your website the better your website will be able to rank. This is one of the most important elements of improving your Google rankings with off page SEO.

2. Backlink Quality – While the more backlinks you have for your website the better, the quality of these backlinks plays a vital role. Not all links are created equally, and ones that have more inherent value will provide a larger boost to your Google rankings. High quality one way back links in particular, especially from related sites, or better yet, high page rank sites, are key to your search engine rankings. The more the better.

3. Backlink Diversity – In addition to the quantity and quality of backlinks you have leading to your website, the diversity of backlinks you have also plays a role. It will help your rankings much more to have links coming in from numerous sources including blogs, directories, forums, articles, related websites and more than to just have links coming in from one individual class or network.

4. Backlink Anchor Text – Having a backlink is great, but having a backlink that includes highly targeted anchor text is even better. The anchor text used in a link leading to one of your web pages will help associate that page with the included term. This mans that it’s a great way to improve your Google rankings for your targeted keywords and key phrases.

5. Website History and Age: The longer your website has been around and the older your domain is, the more credible and reputable you will be viewed. You can’t do much about this problem if your site is new, but you can consider purchasing older, existing domains as long as they are in good standing with the major search engines.

6. Social Networking – The growth of social networking has been extremely link, and it’s a great way to improve your off-page SEO. You can build a large and diverse amount of backlinks to your site but you will also be able to reach out and connect with more prospects and potential customers and clients. Your participation will help lead to an increased web presence and stronger results across the board.

7. Visitor Behavior: The way that visitors behave when they see your website can actually affect your Google rankings. Bounce rate is a measure of how many one page visits to your website that there are. The lower your bounce rate, the more valued, related and worthwhile your website is viewed as being. Therefore you have to strive to minimize your bounces and provide meaningful, useful content with an intuitive and engaging design.

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